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Our Acupuncture Services

Acugraph Energy Scan Consultation and Report

The Acugraph is a computer program that electronically measures the energy level in each meridian using acupoints on your hands and feet. It produces a detailed report with charts about how the energy is flowing in your body and displays where energy is blocked or out of balance so that we can accurately restore balance and function to the meridians related to all the major organs of your body. (More info…link to video here)
Acugraph Energy Scan and Report: $50
Total time: 30 mins

Acupuncture (Needle-free options available)

MOIRA J. MCCARTHY, TX L.AC., DIPL. AC.The unique concept of Chinese medicine is that a human being is a microcosmic expression of harmony and balance. Harmony depends on the Qi and the goal of acupuncture is to release blocked Qi. Experience the deep relaxation, stress reduction and general positive health effect of this ancient healing technique.
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Initial Exam and Treatment

Total Time: 90 mins
Price: $175 (includes Acugraph Energy Scan and report)

Acupuncture Follow-up

Total Time: 60 mins
Price: $89

EAM-Ear 30 min treatment: $55

What is EAM?

Initial Acupuncture “Facelift” aka Acu-lift

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Total Time: 60 minutes
Price: $195 (includes Acugraph energy scan and report)  Each follow-up session $145

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