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Acupuncture for Detox Support

Acupuncture is a healing modality that has been used in China for at least 2,500 years. The treatment involves inserting very fine needles into specific healing points on the body. The process is painless and soothing. By clearing blockages in your body’s energy channels (meridians), acupuncture can restore health and vitality to specific organs and to your whole body. Using acupuncture to offer support and strength to your detoxifying and digestive organs during your detox would be helpful in relieving symptoms and increasing the effectiveness of your detox.

Why should I consider Acupuncture as detoxification support?

Stimulates release of pain relieving endorphins
Significantly reduces withdrawal symptoms
Has substantial “calming” effect
Restores balance between mind and body
Increases blood and lymphatic circulation
Increases energy
Increases resistance to disease
Increases range of motion
Relaxes muscles
Reduces stress and tension
Removes toxins from tissue
Strengthens the immune system
Speeds healing processes
Stimulates emotional memory
Enhances digestion
Alleviates Chronic and Temporary Pain

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